Following extensive research of over 1000 Churches worldwide by the

 National Church Development

They have identified

8 UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES or quality characteristics that are apparent in growing churches


   Empowering Leadership

  • Leaders who are equipping all Christians to serve.

   Gift Orientated Ministry

  • Everyone having the opportunity to use his or her special God given gifts.

   Passionate Spirituality

  • Lives characterized by prayer, bible study and a genuine relationship with Jesus.

   Functional Structures

  • Organised programe with recognized leaders, aims, timetables and training.

   Inspiring Worship Services

  • Meaningful times of music praise and worship.


   Life Changing Small Groups

  • Regular opportunity to share, encourage and grow together.

   Relevant Evangelism

  • A programme of telling others about Jesus that is appropriate to them.

   Loving Relationships

  • High degree of care and concern for each other


NLCF is committed to growth by promoting these qualities.